wolfenstein enemy territory download

1. An original clean Wolfenstein Enemy Territory download version:
wolfet.zip | Size: 257.81 MB (direct)

2. A modified Wolfenstein Enemy Territory download version by the GOC clan:
wolfenstein-enemy-territory-download-goc-pack.zip | Size: 321.97 MB (direct)
Download link 2 (mediafire)

About the game:
Wolfenstein Enemy Territory is a free online multiplayer first-person shooter game. It was released in 2003 as a freeware standalone video game. The scenes, the clothes, the world and the whole idea behind the game is set during the World War II and it is very accurate.

During the years,  a lot of mod type has been released, like: jaymod, no quarter mod, etpub, etpro, nitmod, etc. These are different in weapons, settings, movement, but the goal is the same: to kill and do the objective.

The Wolfenstein Enemy Territory download are there to somehow increase the number of players, however they are less, then in the last years.

If these downloads are too slow for you, you can find Wolfenstein Enemy Territory download on other websites too, just try to search online.