No recoil script

No recoil script for enemy territory covert ops.

// No Recoil Script – Covert Ops \\
set recoilon “+attack; wait 12; -attack; +lookdown; wait 7; -lookdown”
set recoilon1 “+attack; wait 12; -attack; +lookdown; wait 4; -lookdown”
set recoiloff “bind mouse1 +attack”
set 1 “cl_pitchspeed 140; bind mouse1 vstr recoilon; echo ^1S^7niper ^1M^7ode ^4On; vstr 3”
set 11 “bind mouse1 vstr recoilon1; echo ^7Sniper recoil reduced, for when you get level 3 Co-ops; vstr 4”
set 2 “vstr recoiloff; vstr 5; echo ^1S^7niper ^1M^7ode ^4Off”
set 3 “bind * vstr 11”
set 4 “bind * vstr 2”
set 5 “bind * vstr 1”
bind R “vstr 1”

The usage of the No Recoil Script:
After pressing the “R” key first time, the recoil of the sniper weapon (Axis: K43; Allies: M1 Garand) is reduced, after pressing it the 2nd time it will reduce a little bit less, after pressing it the 3rd time it will go off. The “off” mode is also appears in colors in the screen “Sniper Mode Off””.
The “R” key can be changed on almost any other key.

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  1. I have a problem
    When I load my cfg it loads and writes Sniper Mode On, Sniper Recoil Reduced and Sniper Mode off and I cant turn it on again. It just loads with my cfg why? Please help!

  2. isn t recoil off lil bit illegal?

  3. What do you do with this? how do you getit to work? (installation thingy or whatever)

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