Name change script

Name change script helps you to use two different names and change between them by pressing a single key on your keyboard [ n ].

This name change script was created for the occasions when you go AFK (away from keyboard) and others talk to you, but you are not there and they don’t know that. Just use this script and they not gonna bother you again when you are away.

seta nameafk01 “echo ^2NAME OK!; seta name ^2yournamehere; seta nextafkname vstr nameafk02”
seta nameafk02 “echo ^1NAME AFK!; seta name ^2yournamehere AFK; seta nextafkname vstr nameafk01”
seta nextafkname “vstr nameafk01”
bind n “vstr nextafkname”

Update (Feb 01 2010):
Name change script for more than two names:

seta name1 “echo ^1NAME1!; seta name ^2yournamehere1; seta nextname vstr name2″
seta name2 “echo ^1NAME2!; seta name ^2yournamehere2; seta nextname vstr name3″
seta name3 “echo ^1NAME3!; seta name ^2yournamehere3; seta nextname vstr name4″
seta name4 “echo ^1NAME4!; seta name ^2yournamehere4; seta nextname vstr name5″
seta name5 “echo ^1NAME5!; seta name ^2yournamehere5; seta nextname vstr name1″
seta nextname “vstr name1″
bind n “vstr nextname”

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  1. that bind aint working,

    if some1 coud help me i want to bind N name test1 press N again to change name test2, press N again for test3, in total : 5 nicknames, help :/

  2. It is working. Check if you copied it correctly.
    Note: updated with a new script for more than 2 names.

  3. i did c+p and it didn t work for me either. after replacing the c+ped double
    quotes by hand it worked.

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