ET widescreen

Et widescreen is not actually a script, but it contains a few settings you might want to use to run Enemy Territory in a widescreen monitor.

When you start Enemy Territory and go to the “Display options” menu, you can’t see any setting related to playing Wolf ET on a widescreen monitor or setting the screen ratio from 4:3 to 16:10.

Type these settings into your console (the ” ~ ” key) while the game is started:

/seta r_aspectratio 1
/seta r_customaspect 1
/seta r_mode -1
/seta r_customwidth 1920
/seta r_customheight 1080

And if you want to run it in fullscreen:
/seta r_fullscreen 1
or not
/seta r_fullscreen 0

Of course if your screen resolution is different from this (1920×1080), just use the one your screen supports.

However, if you are using an autoexec.cfg, you can copy and paste these ET widescreen settings into it, so the resolution will change automatically when you starte ET next time, or if you load your autoexec in the game.

Or, go to your game install folder and locate this file:
C:/Program Files/Enemy Territory/etmain/yourprofile/config.cfg
…then copy paste these lines above, without the “/” sign.

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