Wolfenstein pk3

pk3 files are the basic packed files of the Wolfenstein Enemy Territory game. They are located in your etmain, jaymod, etpro, noquarter folders. They contain ET basic -, map -, skin – and setting files.

All these pk3 files are editable ones, but be careful with these and make sure you created a backup copy of them before editing! If you make a mistake in one of the important pk3 file, your game will never start again and needs a fresh install to be able to play again.

The best would be to create a backup of the pk3 file, then make a copy in a work folder and edit that one. After saving just copy it back to the Enemy Territory folder.

After “opening” a pk3 file you can see a lot of folders and files (script, menu, dat, cfg, txt, image and else). If you ever interested to add some new “style” to your game on your server, just create additional pk3 files and place the image or script files there. But be sure that you are using the same original file names as ET does (of course you can also use additional files).

The most important pk3 files of ET (in the general style changing point of view) are these:

The Enemy Territory game always reads these pk3 files starting from z-a (z, y, x … c, b, a) and uses the scripts and skin images from the first pack files. If he cannot find in the first what he needs for the game it reads from the next one and combines them until he finds all he needs. Of course if there are new settings or skin files the game will read and apply, even if those files are not making part of the game’s basic files. This means that, if you created an additional style file and you name it like this: “mystyle.pk3” and it contains changed basic ET files, your game will not apply them, because the “m” letter (from ‘mystyle’) is before the “p” (from ‘pak0’). This is why ET clans are always trying to use file names beginning with “z” or “zz”. I even saw file name beginning with this: ‘zzzz_’.



  1. hey,
    my enemy territory is missing these files, how can i get them?

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