Cvar restrictions

Cvar restrictions are actually used for balancing the game. Cvar restrictions are warning the user (by displaying on the screen) that their cvars are out of range. Basically these are forcing the users to use certain range of setting values of cvars.

If a user is not respecting these range of values, that a server permits, they can get kicked out of the server by PunkBuster (Punkbuster enabled servers only). The warning messages of cvar restrictions, begins as the user enters the server and after 1-2 (?) minutes Punkbuster kicks the user from the server for a specific amount of time (usually 3-5 min.) if these cvar settings are still out of range.

  • forcecvar = forced CVARs
  • sv_cvar = etpro CVAR restrictions
  • pb_sv_cvar = PunkBuster CVAR restrictions
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