Wolfenstein et config

There is a possibility to save your wolfenstein et config after you have changed the setting of your game while being in the game.

Go to the Options menu in the game, set all the control, system, game, view settings to the keys you want, then just open the console with this ” ~ ” and type the following:
/writeconfig wolfensteinetconfig.cfg

It will save all the settings into a config file in the mod folder what the server has where you are playing at that moment.
Example: C:/Program Files/Enemy Territory/jaymod/wolfensteinetconfig.cfg
C:/Program Files/Enemy Territory/noquarter/wolfensteinetconfig.cfg

The advantage is that if you ever has to reinstall the game and you previously saved this file elsewhere, you can copy back into that mod folder and execute, so you will have all the settings you had before.

To execute the wolfensteinetconfig.cfg just type this in the console:
/exec wolfensteinetconfig.cfg

32 et config for download: here (more will come) >

Config not loading
No recoil script


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