What is config.cfg?

If you found this page it means you don’t know what is config file.

A config file is a simple file which contains lots of important configuration settings about a program application. Games – like Enemy Territory – are also programs and they have config files. In case of Enemy Territory the config files are called etconfig.cfg.

These etconfig.cfg files are located in every et mod (here are a few examples):
C:/Prgram Files/Enemy Territory/jaymod/profiles/yourprofilename/etconfig.cfg
C:/Prgram Files/Enemy Territory/etpro/profiles/yourprofilename/etconfig.cfg
C:/Prgram Files/Enemy Territory/noquarter/profiles/yourprofilename/etconfig.cfg

But the most important and the basic one is located in your “etmain” folder:
C:/Prgram Files/Enemy Territory/etmain/profiles/yourprofilename/etconfig.cfg

These config files are automatically generated by the game. The ones in your mod folder (jaymod, etpro, noquarter or else) are generated based on the one in your “etmain” folder.

The et config files basically contains lots of cvars (variables) and their values, binds, notes or else. For example: it can contain a variable whether to show or not the weapon on your screen, or a variable for having a bright screen or not, or a bind to use different weapons.

The config file can be easily edited with any text editor program. But be sure you make a backup copy of your config file every time you want to edit, because if you make some mistake, the game might not start at all, so you can always use your backed up confg file.


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