Most used commands

The most used commands and their meanings:

!mute –> stops a player ability to talk in the mainchat, teamchat, fire teamchat, to send private messages or to use server commands
!unmute –> opposide of the mute, it allows to talk in chats or use commands
!kick –> it disconnects a player from the server and restrict to play for 5 minutes
!ban –> it disconnects a player from the server and restrict to play for a longer period of time (or even permanent)
!unban –> opposide of ban, it allows a player to play on the server after the restriction is over
!banlist –> a list of banned players who cannt connect to the server
!baninfo –> info about a specific banned player (why he was banned and by who)
!seen –> when a player was seen last time on the server
!listplayers –> shows a list of actual players on the server
!resetmyxp –> resets all my earned experience (XP) points on the server
!spec –> puts a player in spectator mode and follows another player
!admintest –> shows a specific player’s level info on the server
!putteam –> moves a player from one team to another, from a team to spectator mode, or a spectator to a team
!restart –> restarts the actual map on the server
!shuffle –> randomly mixes the allies and axis players on the server
!spec999 –> moves in spectator mode every player who has very high ping (999)
!finger –> shows some information and level of a player
!help –> shows all the available commands specific to the level you are (every level has different number of commands)
!setlevel –> sets a higher or lower level of a player

et command
Brightness script

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