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What is an et command and how to see a list of them:

Every leveled player on the server has commands. The commands are used to manage a part of the settings on the server, or players or to find out some info.

Press this key (tilde) on your keyboard ” ~ ” to see the console.

Type “!help” to see your et commands (the amount of command changes at every clan level).
For example there is a command: “!listplayers” which shows a list of the actual players on the server with some additional info.
To see how to use this et command, type this in console: “!help listplayers” which will show what this et command is used for. Another example is “!help mute” where “mute” is another et command which is used to mute a player so he can’t use the main or any chat on the server, basically he can’t chat.

The correct usage of an et command:
“!mute John” which will mute a player named “John”. Where “!mute” is the command and “John” is the name of a player.

When using wolfenstein et commands no need to type the full name of a player, just use a part of it. For example “!mute Joh”. It can happen that there are more than one players on the server which name’s contain the “Joh” so no result will show up, just a warning. In this case you have to type the ID of that player instead of the name. Ex: “!mute 15”, where 15 is the temporary ID of the player named “John”. Every player gets a new ID every time when they conecting to the server. So to find out a player’s ID number, just type “!listplayers” and see the number next to the player’s name.

You can use the et commands in silent mode by using the key / before the command:
/!mute John
In this case noone can see that you typed that command.

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