Config not loading

There are occasions when the config not loading when you type /exec yourcfg.cfg

1. Config not loading because there is a server side restriction (mostly because your cfg has the name: autoexec.cfg)
Just rename your cfg to some unique name and try to exec it again.

2. Config not loading because your cfg is not in the folder of the mod what the server have where you are playing at that moment. Ex: C:/Program Files/Enemy Territory/jaymod/yourcfg.cfg
While in the game, hit Esc->Server Info and look in the 3rd line (Game name) to see in what mod you are playing, then go into that folder and check if the file is really there.

3. Config not loading because your cfg has not the same name what you trying to execute.
Ex: you trying to execute /exec myname.cfg and the real name of your cfg file is mynamecfg.cfg

4. It might seem that the config not loading, but in fact it is loading, it’s just something you miss wrote in it and that is not applied in the game.
Just open your cfg file again with any text editor program (ex: notepad) go to that setting or command or bind what you changed last time (or added) and check if it is correctly written.

Wolfenstein et config


  1. If the config file is too big (larger than 16kb) it won’t load either.
    Instead, it will print something like C_String buffer overflow in the console.
    You then should split you config in 2 or more files and let one of them execute the others.

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