Condump in gaming world means a save of the most recent console lines into a file (condump a file). Condump can be really useful in case when the console contains important data and you want to save it somehow (such as player info or when someone is offended and you want is as a proof, or the list of the players, or !help info or else)

/condump et_console_save.txt

Where the “condump” is the command keyword and the text file name is “et_console_save”.
Be careful on two things:
1. Never leave an empty space in the filename because it’s not gonna work.
(example: et console save.txt or some name.txt)

2. Always use different names or unique names otherwise the newer file will instantly rewrite the older one.
(example: you have an old text file saved previously as etsomefile.txt and you type the same, you loose the old one. So better use a system like: servername_info_playername_001.txt or something similar)

The condump file location:
This saves the text file in the following location if you are in a jaymod server (the mod name changes depending on the type of the server where you are playing at that moment):
C:/Program Files/Enemy Territory/jaymod/et_console_save.txt
C:/Program Files/Enemy Territory/noquarter/et_console_save.txt

After saving the text file, you can go and easily open the file in any text editor program and edit it.

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