Et bind?

Et bind is a combination of different variables and their values, keyboard key, and punctuation marks. They are good to set some action or actions on a single keyboard key, so no need to use lots of keys to do something more complex.

The definition of a bind in computer science: binding is the creation of a simple reference to something that is larger and more complicated and used frequently. The simple reference can be used instead of having to repeat the larger thing. A binding is such a reference.

/bind [key] “[command]”

A simple example: if in the game you want to assign a key to your primary weapon (two handed) and want it to be sure of that, you can set another variable for the same key which will show a small text on your screen at the same time. This code would look like this:

/bind 1 “weaponbank 3; echo PRIMARY WEAPON SELECTED”

seta vs set


  1. here something for you:
    [a] – last person who gave you ammo
    [d] – last person who killed you
    [h] – last person who gave you health
    [k] – last person you killed
    [l] – your current location
    [n] – your name
    [r] – last person who revived you
    [p] – teammate you are pointing at
    [s] – your health
    [w] – weapon you are currently holding
    [t] – ammo for current weapon
    i finded you site from :)

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