it’s a place where all kind of etconfig and info about Enemy Territory are gathered.

With config we are referring as configuration files of games, in this case: Wolfenstein Enemy Territory config, with its short name: et config or wolf et config or etconfig.cfg.

Wolfenstein et config

can help you playing better by having simpler graphics – in this way increasing your fps – or getting rid of your lag even partially and the most important of all: if for some reason you are forced to reinstall the game, you can transfer these config files with all the settings in it and you don’t have to set all the game settings or binds again.

Our download section contain all kind of et configs: etpro config, et config, jaymod config, Nickname creator, et server config, Et Starter Pro, best et config, Enemy Territory Download, et config builder, etpro scripts configmaker download and more. Also we have et config maker wherewith you can make config for et.

If you have an et config file and you wish to appear on the download section, just let us know and send it to the following email: upload [at] etconfig [dot] net


The pages will be continuously updated when new information appears, so check back periodically if you are interested. Also feel free to comment the pages.

32 et config for download: here (more will come) >

28 more cvars explained here (more will come) >

Since Evenbalance is not supporting anymore the Wolfenstein Enemy Territory game, there is small chance for newcomers to join any Punkbuster enabled server, because as we know, you need an etkey for that. Visit ETKEY.ORG in order to get an etkey and join the game (just follow the instructions there).

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